Function Point Consultancy

The need to estimate the effort and, consequently, the cost of a software project is one of the most important issues in ICT world and by customers. Some of the issue faced by customers is are

  • There is little uniformity in the kind / quality of data available for estimation
  • No benchmarks available for estimation
  • Almost always – only FTE data is available & that happens to be the most reliable indicator of the volume of work involved
 Many customers, who have outsourced their IT operations to IT Service Providers, are faced with challenge to understand Productivity and Quality of Operations and want to know how the internal IT team/ IT vendor team is performing vis-à-vis industry. Some of the customer needs are
  • Need for consistent sizing method to reduce Estimation Discrepancies
  • Need to understand Application Portfolio size for effective planning
  • Need to measure Quality & Productivity metrics to manage and enhance delivery performance
  • Need to measure & improve IT Team Performance over years
  • Desire to Set direction for Service Level based delivery to help in IT planning including

   Executive Decision Support                    Predictive Budgeting 

   Productivity Enhancement                      IT Operational Predictability

Function Point Estimation methodology is a industry accepted technique used by organizations to transform and maximize IT effectiveness. Function point measures the functional dimension of a software project and is considered as a scientific method. It is one of the internationally recognized and ISO standardized technique to measure the size of the Users Functional Requirements.

What MindChipps offers?

MindChipps is an expert in providing Function Point Analysis as an IT service and has a proven track record of working with large organizations. MindChipps can help to baseline customer IT Portfolio against Industry Standards and incorporate measurement throughout the project delivery life cycle. As part of the consultancy assignment, we can provide IT Change management program by supporting your organization from conception and definition of the strategy, to deployment and Function Point Training for Stakeholders.

MindChipps follows partnership approach and supports organizations to transform and maximize IT effectiveness by giving back control and visibility of IT Performance. This method can help you leverage your IT organization's capabilities to gain a competitive edge.

Through, the use of incorporating qualitative and quantitative metrics & Function Points, MindChipps can demonstrate transparency across the entire Service Delivery Life cycle. This aids leadership in strategic decision making, and improve service delivery value, quality and effectiveness.

MindChipps offers below services in Function Point Consultancy area.

  • IT Portfolio - Volumetric Assessment
  • Set Organizational Productivity and Quality baseline & Year of Year targets
  • Set Organizational Maturity program using Function Point Methodology
  • Function Point Implementation
  • Change Program Management
  • Application / Project level Function Point Measurements
  • Function Point Training

 MindChipps Approach

MindChipps uses tool based, well defined and proven approach with focus on data. 

Data driven approach reduces bias in decision making.


Below diagram depicts MindChipps high level approach