A simple, secure and fast Platform for Chartered Accountants and their Clients wherein CA and his/her client can manage communication effectively. Using this platform, CAs can assist their Clients by engaging and collaborating. CADashboard slashes the time you spend on managing communication with clients, and saves you money.


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 Collaboration Platform

Are you frustrated because you are not able to find previous  communication/documents that you shared with CA? No need to worry now. We understand that your previous communication with clients, business partners are key to your business. With CADashboard your communication is available at one place whenever required.


Compliance Dashboard in seconds

CADashboard provides CAs an easy to understand dashboard that gives snapshot of compliance status for it’s clients. Use this dashboard to decide which clients to focus on. Similarly clients can view it’s status, take timely action, thereby avoiding regulatory hassles.


CADashboard does work for you

Its revolutionary ‘Calendar Management’ feature make your work easier. No need to follow up with your clients for critical and recurring events. You set up the calendar once and CADashboard will follow up with your clients.


All documents at one place, access them from anywhere

Store all your financial documents at one place. Access any time. CA can access client document when needed thereby saving precious follow up time.


Privacy & Security

There's nothing more important to us than your data. We put a lot into making your data safe: Read-only connections, 256-bit encryption, electronically and physically secured servers, and third-party certifications are just the beginning.



Manage and track your Invoices and employee salaries

Move away from manual Invoice generation process and clumpy invoice templates. CADashboard provides easy way to generate and track your invoices. As a small business you don’t need complicated Payroll Management software. CADashboard does basic payroll processing for you. Set Salary structure, set employee salaries and start generating employee salaries. As simple as this.Employees can access their salary information anytime anywhere.


Who can use CADashboard?

 Target Users  

 CADashboard is tailored for smooth communication between CA and their clients.

  • Chartered Accountant (CA)
  • Small Medium Enterprises (SME)                     




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