IT Development & Maintenance (.Net, Java, Angular2, Python, RoR)

Simple and Effective solutions using platform (Be it .Net, Java, Angular2, Python, RoR) of your choice for Business Requirements!, 

        A.  Web Application Consulting – MindChipps team can help you to establish your project’s functional specification as well as Technical/Design Specification. It                       includes

           Functional Specification:

    1. Creating User Experience Elements
    2. Identify Critical Functional Requirements
    3. Identify Non-functional Requirements
    4. Wireframes / Layouts
    5. Validations and Rules
    6. Email & Alert Templates

           Technical / Design Specification:

    1. Technical Platform Selection from the Alternatives identified
    2. Suitable Design Patterns and Architecture
    3. Logical / Physical Database Design
    4. Entities, Classes and Interfaces
    5. Coding Guidelines
    6. Master Pages & Themes

         B. Application Development – MindChipps team can help you to develop Simple and Effective IT Solutions for your complex Business Requirements

    1. Strong Design & Architecture Team with expertise in various Design Patterns, architectures
    2. In-house Team  - Well Trained & Experienced on various Development Tools and Technologies
    3. Experience of developing applications using MVC framework
    4. Expertize in various development methodologies including Agile, Iterative, Water fall
    5. Responsive UI and Focus on Usability.


CApplication Modernization – MindChipps team can help you to modernize/ migrate existing applications to Simple and Effective Applications in new platform of your choice.

    1. Team with expertise in Application Modernization / Migration
    2. In-depth understanding of legacy applications developed using Power Builder, VB, COM, Access, Excel, etc.
    3. Expertise in Selecting right strategy and target platform for Migration
    4. Experience of the latest Migration tools & technologies


        DApplication Maintenance – MindChipps team can help you to maintain your existing   applications to keep your business smoothly running round the                      clock.

    1. Team with expertise in Application Support & Maintenance
    2. Excellent understanding SLA Based Support
    3. Expertize in various Support & Maintenance tools including Ticket/Issue management
    4. Experience of managing large Application Portfolio effectively


        EProduct Development

    1. In-house team experienced with complete Software Product Development Life Cycle
    2. Experience of Developing client-server as well as SaaS based IT products from conceptualization to Launch
    3. Strong Knowledge of Product Design and Architecture
    4. Latest Tools and Technologies for reducing time to market
    5. Customer involvement at various stage of product life cycle for course correction
    6. Incremental Development with feedback mechanism to reduce wastage / rework
    7. Effective Configuration Management to manage multiple releases and branching